Belhaven Nursery School

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Daily Routine

The daily routine includes a time for free choice, snack time, group activities and an opportunity for singing, music and out door play.

Free Play
Your child has access to every area in the nursery playroom. They can choose to play alone, with a friend or participate in a group situation. The choice of activity your child makes is from the planned structure of the day. Parents can see a complete account of the planning located in the entrance hall and is referred to in our
fortnightly theme newsletter.

Snack Time
This is a time for social interaction for your child with their peers and their specific member of staff. Milk is provided free and your weekly school fund contribution helps towards the cost of fruit, bread, cheese, jam and biscuits. Cartons of juice, are provided for children who do not drink milk – at cost price. Fresh drinking water
is always available for the children in the playrooms.

Planned Learning Experience
Specific activities are prepared for this time, thus ensuring that your child participates in a broad and balanced curriculum. This allows the staff to closely monitor and observe your child, and assists them in operating the assessment programme in an efficient and effective manner.

Singing/Music Time
A wonderful opportunity for all the children to come together daily, to participate in an enjoyable, communal activity.

Tidy-up Time
Your child is encouraged to participate in a group tidy-up time. This involves hanging up aprons, laying lunchtime tables, cleaning paints and easels, and general clearing up and care of equipment.

Assessment is part of the daily routine. It is ongoing and continuous. The assessment procedure highlights any strengths your child may have and in addition areas that require extra or specialist input can be addressed quickly and effectively.

This can allow for early intervention from specialist services such as Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologist, Physiotherapists or Community Paediatrician. If there is a specific issue we will discuss this with you, and then only with your consent will we refer the matter to the appropriate professional or agency.