Belhaven Nursery School

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Educational Aims

Belhaven Nursery School is a co-educational and culturally diverse school. We aim to cater for the individual needs of your child in a bright, busy, secure, happy and stimulating environment – conducive to learning through play and exploration. This will support your child on their journey to be a successful learner, effective contributor,
responsible citizen and a confident individual.

Using The Curriculum for Excellence guidelines under the banner headings of Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy the school aims to allow your child to develop in the following ways:

Through ‘The Curriculum for Excellence’, a broad based and integrated curriculum in this nursery school getting, we aim to assist your child’s development with both life and educational skills.

Through this play-based environment, after your child has completed their nursery education, their transition to your chosen primary school should be made seamless with ease and confidence.