Belhaven Nursery School

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Weekly Contribution - School Fund

Your weekly contribution enables us to provide a variety of quality fruit, biscuits, bread, variety of cheese and other consumables at snack time.

Baking ingredients such as quality flour, sugar, icing sugar, stork, cake decorations, and ingredients for soup, pizza, stirfry, seasonal fruit salad and other such expendables such as flour, oil, and food colouring for fresh dough are purchased via this fund. Additionally the availability of breakfast every morning and the diversity of foodstuffs for our cultural festivals like Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas.

The School security/tagging system is an additional cost that has to be met by means of the school fund. By having a school fund your contribution prevents the introduction of a charge for events like visiting theatre groups, magician and Christmas.

Children attending full-time have a varied choice for their afternoon snack. Glasgow City Council levy an additional charge where appropriate, such as children who have additional sessions beyond the 1140 government funded hours.