Belhaven Nursery School

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Enrolement Procedure

You are welcome to visit the school at any time with your child. Once your child has reached the
age of two years you are entitled to place their name on the school waiting list.

You will be notified when a place becomes available at some time after your child’s third birthday.
Admission to Belhaven Nursery School is in accordance with Glasgow City Council’s Admission Policy as outlined below.

The Head Teacher is happy to explain further any aspect of the policy.

Admission Policy Priorities

Band 1

  • Any child considered to be in need of protection.
  • Children with very young mothers.
  • Looked after children.

Band 2

Children referred by, or who have:

  • attended Pre-Scat
  • a Psychologist
  • specific needs
  • deferred entry to primary school
  • families suffering acute stress.

Band 3 

Children in their Pre-school or Anti Pre-school year who are eligible for funding.

Band 4

Any child who lives in Glasgow and has not been admitted under Bands 1, 2 or 3.

Band 5

Children from out with the City of Glasgow.

Where demand outweighs availability for places, the admissions panel will meet to prioritise and consider the application.

The admissions panel comprises of representatives from Early Years educational establishments in the area.